Pdfless supports custom fonts and provide snippets to simplify code writing.


Pdfless contains a list of pre-defined fonts that will improve Pdf generation. Local fonts can be imported with @import keyword and implemented with font-family CSS property.

CSS - Font integration

@import '@pdfless/fira-sans.css';

html {
  font-family: Fira Sans;

List of supported fonts

Font name @import keyword font-family
Anek odia @pdfless/anek-odia.css Anek Odia
Anek tamil @pdfless/anek-tamil.css Anek Tamil
Beau Rivage @pdfless/beau-rivage.css Beau Rivage
Fira Sans @pdfless/fira-sans.css Fira Sans
Grape nuts @pdfless/grape-nuts.css Grape Nuts
Lato @pdfless/lato.css Lato
Libre Baskerville @pdfless/libre-baskerville.css Libre Baskerville
Noto Sans JP @pdfless/noto-sans-jp.css Noto Sans JP
Open Sans @pdfless/open-sans.css Open Sans
Roboto @pdfless/roboto.css Roboto
Alegreya Sans @pdfless/alegreya-sans.css Alegreya Sans
Alegreya @pdfless/alegreya.css Alegreya
Barlow @pdfless/barlow.css Barlow
Bellota @pdfless/bellota.css Bellota
Ceviche One @pdfless/ceviche-one.css Ceviche One
Chango @pdfless/chango.css Chango
Coiny @pdfless/coiny.css Coiny
Epilogue @pdfless/epilogue.css Epilogue