You'll need to authenticate your requests to access any of the endpoints in the Pdfless API. In this guide, we'll look at how authentication works. Pdfless offers one way to authenticate your API requests: Key authentication with a token.

How to get API key

To find API key, please log into your dashboard : Once logged, click Workspace settings from the top page. In API credentials section, you are able to copy the API key to your clipboard.

Key authentication

With key authentication, you use your api key to authenticate your HTTP requests. You'll find your api key from workspace settings. Here's how to authenticate using cURL:

Example using http header

curl \
  -H "apikey: <api_key>"

You can also set your api key in the query parameter

Example using query parameter


Using an SDK

If you use one of our official SDKs, you won't have to worry about any of the above — fetch your api key from the Pdfless dashboard under workspace settings, and the client library will take care of the rest.